SJM-PSV-008 – 4 Way Ring Tournament

SJM-PSV-008 – 4 Way Ring Tournament


Video Quality : HD
Lenght:  12 Minutes
File Size:  1280x720
Format:  MP4
Category:  Prostyle

Published:  March 17, 2017


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SJM-PSV-008 – 4 Way Ring Tournament  This was a special 4 way tag team pin fall ring match. Cynara and A-Low faced off against Paige and Marie. It did not take long for this match to get totally out of hand, with both teams “cheating” for the win. There were slams, boston crabs, turnbuckle hits and more. Cynara even went as far as piledriving the ref to put him out so her team could win!!. With this being such a close battle all girls were vying for the end result, pinning their opponent for the win. After a grueling back and fourth struggle, with very close near fall pins, Cynara and A-Low pin Marie and Paige at the same time, finishing them both of. Cynara and A-Low, now the new tag team champions!!


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