SJM-PSV-015 Paige’s Outdoor Piledriver

SJM-PSV-015 Paige’s Outdoor Piledriver


Video Quality : HD
Lenght:  15 Minutes
File Size:  628 mb
Format:  MP4
Category:  Prostyle

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Published:  May 15, 2017


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SJM-PSV-015 Paige’s Outdoor Piledriver  Paige sets the stage for this fantastic match with her taking on Chris. Paige only stands 5’5 and Chris is just 6ft. that does not deter Paige from ripping into him turning him into a little rag doll puppet. She easily works him over pinning him, securing him down and getting multiple taps, strategically breaking him down. She catches Chris several times in headscissors, crushing the air right out of his lungs. Chris was not able to defend himself against Paige, as she is much stronger than him. Once chris has weakened a bit, Paige lines him up for a piledriver, hoisting him into the air, and slamming him down onto the grass. Left stunned, Chris was continually worked over with more headscissors, as you can see his face turning beat red, tapping furiously for Paige to release him. With more pins, chokes and smothers, Chris is getting pummeled. Paige pile drives him a few more times, and her last pile driver was the one to finish him off. She drapes her knee across his now KO’d body flexing her muscles.



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