BWW-019 Hazel’s Schoolgirl Pin Hazing

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Hazel and Bella are setting the stage for a very competitive schoolgirl pin counting match. Bella has a superb pin, but she is now facing off against the muscular and very strong Hazel. Once in the starting position, they size each other up, and on the 3 count, they both move into one another, Hazel grabbing Bella’s arms. Now with Bella’s arms under control, there was no way for her to take Hazel down, and Hazel threw Bella off balance and sends her to the mats. Bella tried to fend off Hazel, but she was too powerful and ends up jumping right on top of Bella’s chest, then slams down right onto her throat. Bella lets out a loud moan, as Hazel begins her slow count. Bella struggles beneath Hazel, but she was stuck and unable to budge her. Time after time, fall after fall, Bella takes some serious hits, and is absolutely humiliated by Hazel, especially this being her very first ever pin match. Bella tries to step up her game, and fights back, but that did nothing for her but prolong her fate with her ending up on her back. Hazel had no care or concern for Bella being trapped beneath her, she was here to prove a point and came to win. Even with Bella struggling, bucking and bridging she knew she had no chance. Hazel even ends up facesitting Bella numerous times while she counted Bella out, crushing her face with each and every pin she applied. Hazel even had a bit of an evil smirk on her face, knowing that she had Bella beat, and was enjoying pinning her each fall. Bella was getting destroyed, and with each pin it brought her pain, and distress and there was no way out. Hazel dominated this match and was the clear winner, overpowering her smaller yet feisty opponent Bella, who will now hang her head in shame losing yet again.  

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