SJM-ASC-098 Producers Battle

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SJM-ASC-098 Producers Battle  Ashley Wildcat has bet Sam that she could not get another girl to come wrestle them both. They had already pre planned this and Sam was supposed to recruit a girl off the streets, but could not find one before Ashley arrived. Sam was on the phone trying to get one of her own house girls to come last minute, but little did she know Ashley was quietly making her way to the bed, listening to everything Sam was saying. Sam was literally cheating on the bet and Ashley now heard, first hand. Ashley was now directly behind Sam on the bed, surprising her, Ashley told her to hang up the phone. The argument ensues as Ashley tosses Sam to the bed and pins her down. Sitting on her in a tight schoolgirlpin, Ashley unleashes a tyrant of verbal abuse, calling Sam a cheater and telling her that she is going to make her pay for that mistake. Taking her time, and enjoying her new found seat, Ashley still laces into Sam with the verbal trashing. Sam now tries to escape Ashley’s pin, but seemingly can’t do it. Sam tries to talk her way out of so Ashley decides to shut her up by sitting on her face. Sam is now gasping and tiring out trying to unseat Ashley. No matter how hard Sam tried, she was stuck under Ashley and had to put up with whatever Ashley dished out as punishment. Ashley spins around in reverse and sat practically on Sams mouth. Then came the ass shaking facesit, Sam’s face shoved right in Ashley’s ass practically motor boating Ashley’s sexy ass now. She also kept Sam quiet by shoving her as in her face smothering her as well. Struggling became futile now, and Ashley turns back into a very tight forward schoolgirl pin. Ashley wanted Sam to admit she was wrong, and that she was sorry, so she slams down onto Sam’s face again smothering her until she was ready to admit defeat. Sam gasping between breaths, tells Ashley she’s sorry, and that she owes her a clip now. Ashley has superior dominating skills in this clip, and it is super sexy to watch her sit and ride Sam the entire match.

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