SJM-PCV-001 Rosalei’s Pincount Wrath

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SJM-PCV-001 Rosalei’s Pincount Wrath  Mia steps up to face off against the pretty blonde, Rosalei. Now, Rosalei is not your typical blonde, she is very fast, skilled, powerful and cunning, not to mention mean and aggressive when she wants to be. Mia will be a fierce opponent for her to say the least. This match starts off friendly but turns rather aggressive as it progresses. One thing about woman, is once one girl does one thing to one girl, the other likes to retaliate in the exact same fashion. Psychological warfare lets call it. Rosalei struggles quite frequently to keep Mia’s shoulders pinned down as she keeps lifting up more and more fighting to break the count and get out. Rosalei had to keep pressing down onto Mia’s throat and chin just to stabilize her head to keep her from trying to lift her shoulders up. Mia didn’t take it well when Rosalei did this, and returned the favor by bowling over Rosalei driving her to the mats. Mia works her way up into the schoolgirl pin and presses down excessively almost choking Rosalei while she counts her out. You can see Rosalei’s face turning red from the pressure alone making the battle to get out painful. When they restart again, Rosalei get’s Mia again, and jumps on top fast, and before she knew it Mia was pinned and being counted out. She fights alot to escape and Rosalei wanted her to stop moving. she moves up even more now practically sitting on her face and counts her out. Mia was not impressed and certainly returned the favor and got Rosalei down and put her in the exact same pin. these girls were seriously out to win, and didn’t hold back to make sure of that. Rosalei actually managed to break free of one of Mia’s pins, and countered winning that point. Mia retaliates getting the next fall, pinning Rosalei’s arms actually behind her and crosses them, taking all her fight power away, while she only lets Rosalei literally breath from her nose as she sat that high on her. Rosalei could not escape and was in fear Mia would actually sit directly on her face. This was a long grueling match with good back and fourth vindictive actions from both competitors each with something to prove.

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