SJM-PCV-002 The Embarrassing Loss

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The Embarrassing Loss- This was one of Arianne’s very first matches with Bella. They decided to go with doing a pin count clip. Bella is known for her animosity on the mats and Arianne being new, she decided to back down a bit. Bella may have regretted doing that now, as within the first take down she felt the strength of Arianne. Bella scores the first ten count take down, and all that did was pump up Arianne and make her go much harder for the remainder of the clip. With each take down, Arianne plowed down Bella and jumped on top, securing Bella to the mats. The way she sat took a real toll on Bella’s arms, as Arianne drove her shins down hard into her biceps. With each pin, Bella struggles to break free while Arianne keeps her firmly secured down, each time reaching the 10 count. You can see Bella’s frustration kick in, and when they restart there is almost slight hesitation on Bella’s face. Arianne even taunted Bella with alot of the take downs, as she continually slams Bella to the mats. Arianne was not afraid at all, in fact she became quite confident that she was going to win, as she had a major lead in points. Each time Arianne pinned Bella, she stared down at her helpless opponent, slowly counting to 10 watching her futile struggling getting her no where. No matter what Bella did there was no escaping Arianne’s pins, and from that moment on after losing this match by a landslide of points, Bella wants her re match, badly. Bella was quite embarrassed to lose to a newbie.

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