SJM-PCV-003 Easy Count Out

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SJM-PCV-003 Easy Count Out  Arianne is challenged by the 6ft tall 180 lb amazon, Cynara. This was also a pin count match, Arianne has her work cut out for her, especially since Cynara outweighs her, and has quite the height advantage.  Arianne is no push over, but Cynara can be rather mean and aggressive with her wrestling style. Not too far into the match, Arianne thinks she may have taken on more than she could handle. With each takedown, Cynara pins her in the tightest schoolgirl pin possible and is able to distribute her weight right down onto Arianne. Watching Arianne struggle was almost as painful to watch as it was for Arianne to be pinned. Although Arianne did not go out with a good struggle on her behalf, she was able to get Cynara down a few times, and actually keep her pinned to the final count of 10. This was quite one sided, even though Arianne scored points, Cynara came out on top, and she even show boated while she sat on Arianne counting her out slowly. So not only did Cynara humiliate Arianne while pinning her, she gloated while doing it. Cynara has a way about pinning Arianne that makes it painful and quite humiliating,  and Cynara showed no care or concern, as long as she won.

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