SJM-PCV-006 Big vs.Small Hardcore Pincount

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SJM-PCV-006 Big vs.Small Hardcore Pincount Ever wonder what would happen if David and Goliath would collide? This match pretty much sums it up. Pam who is a 175 lb BBW, goes against 115lb Bella. This match was very intense right from the start. Bella was not going to back down from her larger opponent and was ready to give her a run for her lifetime in this match. Pam thought she had this match all wrapped up from the very start. The very opposite happened. Pam actually ends up struggling and fighting intensely against Bella just to keep from getting pinned. This is a REAL all out competitive pin count, nothing staged nor fake, you can see both girls breaking a sweat. Once one girl gets pinned down the other was adamant on keeping her there for the 10 count, no matter what. There was alot of aggression, power and stamina in this clip. Both girls were able to score pins on the other, and Pam being bigger was still kept pinned down by Bella the “pinning pitbull”. Once Pam was able to secure Bella to the mats, she certainly played off her weight in keeping her there, although Bella did not go down without a good fight. This was a nail biting episode right to the bitter end, where each girl was drenched in sweat, and exhausted.


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