SJM-PCV-009 Mia vs Arianne Pincount

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Arianne and Mia are both ready for their pin counting match with each other. Mia is a tough contender but Arianne is ready for the challenge. Arianne is an amazing pinner, and has the abilities to keep her opponents down in a schoolgirl pin. The rules are simple, pin your opponent both shoulders down with the schoolgirl pin,sitting in either forward or reverse to the count of ten. If the opponent lifts up high enough they have to get them back down and restart the count. Arianne was off to a rough start trying to get Mia pinned, as they both fell, Mia caught Arianne between her legs. Arianne broke free, and climbs on top.It takes Arianne a few tries to get to ten as Mia kept lifting up and bucking Arianne off balance. finally securing her spot, Arianne gets to ten and they restart. This goes for quite  few more falls with Arianne seemingly dominating each fall. But Mia catches Arianne slipping a few times and counters with her own schoolgirl pin. Mia manages to get to 10 a few times, making a small comeback. Arianne did not want to lose so each time she got Mia down she sat a bit higher, pressing Mia chins down forcing her head to stay on the mats making it near impossible to escape or move. As this match comes to last fall, Arianne pins Mia again, but this time Mia fights hard to break free. Each time Arianne has to restart the count. Arianne slides up much higher, Mia unable to speak now, trapped and no strength left to fight. Mia has to succumb to being pinned, and counted out for the last fall.


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