SJM-PCV-010 Gina vs Bella Pincount

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SJM-PCV-010 Gina vs Bella Pincount  Bella was in for quite the surprise today facing newcomer Gina. Gina has only ever done a few matches and is set on beating Bella. Gina is a yoga instructor and a hiker. She is a powerhouse in disguise. Seeing that Bella was smaller and lighter than her Gina was sure to claim an easy victory. Well that was not as easy to come by as she thought. Bella is quick, and powerful herself and put Gina in her place quite a few times. The pins go back and fourth each gaining the upper hand, and getting to the 10 count. Both girls struggle for the upper hand, and once pinned they fought to break free. This match was not simple at all, and they both break a sweat. This is a close match, but one girl leaves upset at her loss while the other can celebrate her much earned victory.


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