SJM-PCV-011 Mixed Pincount Showdown

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SJM-PCV-011 Mixed Pincount Showdown  Chris was confronted by Arianne to do a pincount match and he happily accepted knowing he may just beat her. Little did he realize that Arianne was quite strong and powerful and underestimated her. Arianne has alot of endurance and skill when it comes to her pins. Chris quickly found this out as he was slammed repeatedly over and over onto his back with Arianne right on top. She grinds her crotch down hard into his throat making it near impossible to escape. She kept her knees firmly planted on the mats, and held his writs tightly as she gets to the 10 count. Frustration was setting on for Chris as his younger opponent keeps pinning him down. There were a few moments when Chris was able to bring his shoulders off the mats, making Arianne start the count over. Not once was Chris able to get her down, nor escape any of the pincounts. He grew rather tired from fighting to break free, and Arianne pummels him from start to finish. Just when Chris thought he had a few moments of success, Arianne disappointed him by getting him down. She poses victoriously over a now destroyed Chris, as she easily takes the match. This is a semi competitive match, and yes, Chris was trying.


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