SJM-PCV-015 Sunshines Competitive Pincount match

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Ever wondered what it is like to see two gorgeous girls battle it out competitively on the mats vying to pin one another to the count of ten? Well this is Sunshine’s very FIRST competitive pin count match taking on the great Bella. Both girls are pretty close in size and weight, but this match will come down to determination, skill, and stamina. they both lock up for the take down, and struggle for the upper hand as Bella goes down first. Sunshine works her way up into a schoolgirl pin and begins to count. Bella tries hard to lift her shoulders up to avoid being pinned so early into the match. Sunshine maintains her balance, her knees spread apart for better leverage, and continues the count. Bella moans and struggles beneath Sunshine making every effort to escape as Sunshine hits 10. Without any hesitation, Sunshine gets off Bella and spins around in reverse quick, not giving Bella any chance at all and secures a reverse schoolgirl pin. Bella lifts her shoulders up to stop the count, but Sunshine drives her ass down hard into Bella’s chin keeping her pinned tight to the mats. Bella really struggles to get out, but Sunshine scores another point. As they restart the lock up was quick, this time Sunshine fought hard to keep Bella from pinning her. Bella had to really work to get Sunshine trapped, and after what seemed like an eternity for Bella, she finally pins Sunshine. Bella digs her crotch into Sunshine’s throat to keep her pinned, but Sunshine lifts up and the count restarts. This time Bella buries her face almost in a super tight schoolgirl pin, covering Sunshine’s mouth now. Sunshine was unable to budge and Bella scores. they go back and fourth countering each others’ moves, with Bella and Sunshine both scoring high and tight schoolgirl pins, wearing one another down to almost the point of exhaustion. Just when it looked as though Sunshine may be drained more than Bella, she counters Bella’s moves and scores again. Bella became cocky and confident thinking this was going to finish off Sunshine as she leaps on top pinning her down. As she starts the count, Sunshine bucks up and f0rces Bella off around the 5 mark, and scrambles quickly to secure Bella down. Sunshine whips around and gets Bella into an almost facesit reverse schoolgirl pin and begins to count. Sunshine pins Bella’s arms beneath her shins and reefs up on them causing pain in Bella’s arms, as she drives her ass down onto Bella’s chin now. There was no escape for Bella as Sunshine hits the 10 mark, and flexes showing off her predominantly muscular physique. Bella was completely spent, sweat drenched, and humiliated.  



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