SJM-PCV-016 Summer vs Arianne Pin Count Match

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SJM-PCV-016 Summer vs Arianne Pin Count Match  Arianne takes on Summer in this pincount competition. this is Summer’s first ever pin count match, and she fairs out quite well against the experienced Arianne. Both these lovely ladies were dressed in their sports attire, ready to challenge one another. Summer gets a good head start on Arianne by winning the first few pin falls, securing on tight forward schoolgirl pins, keeping Arianne’s shoulders firmly pinned to the mats under her shins. Arianne struggles to not get pinned, while Summer keeps her balance and gets yet another pin fall win. Summer’s confidence was soon shattered as Arianne came back with vengeance wanting revenge now. Summer finds herself now trapped beneath Arianne, as she slides up under Summer’s throat keeping her pinned. Summer was a bit shocked, and did what she could to return the favor. Summer, and Arianne struggled in a semi intense match, each scoring pin falls to 10. Arianne scores the last point before the time was up, as she catches Summer in a reverse schoolgirl pin. Summer struggled to bring her shoulders up, but was unable to. This is a great pin count match between two amazing beauties.



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