SJM-PCV-020 Playmate’s Pin count

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SJM-PCV-020 Playmate’s Pincount  Bella has the pleasure of going against the superbly hot and strong playboy model Maxxi in an all out pincount match. The rules are simple, to try and pin one another down for the count of ten to score a point. Little does Bella know, but Maxxi used to actually wrestle in school, so she is well aware of moves on the mats, defensively and offence. As they get into position, they gaze at each other sizing up one another, they lock up. A struggle ensues and it’s a fight to see who goes down first. Maxxi scores the upper hand, slamming Bella to the mats. In a quick instant, she shuffles up on top of Bella, now sitting on her throat and chin trying for the count. Bella was not going down without a good fight and manages to get her shoulder up more than once, forcing Maxxi to restart the count each time. Maxxi held her top position, and keeps Bella trapped in the pin until she reaches 10. Jumping off they restart and Bella still had plenty of fight left in her. Maxxi was quick on the draw and with sharp reflexes she is able to outmaneuver Bella and get her down again. Maxxi held on as she sat on Bella’s throat and chin, as Bella was getting her shoulders up repeatedly. Maxxi was adamant on scoring the second fall and does just that. She jumps off bella and Bella manages to take Maxxi by surprise and flips her onto her back. Jumping on top, Bella fires herself right below Maxxi’s chin, pressing it back somewhat. Maxxi was kicking her legs, and doing what she could to get Bella off her, but she loses that round. Maxxi gets up and says “that’s alright 2-1″ and locks up with Bella bringing her to the mats quick. This seemed to be Maxxi’s turning point as her speed was incredible, and her ability to fend off Bella was amazing. For the next few falls, Maxxi kept scoring pin falls, sitting on Bella’s throat and sometimes on her mouth keeping her pinned. Maxxi was set on winning this, no matter what it took. Bella over and over, was getting tossed down, and pinned by Maxxi. She was also wearing down with each fall, seemingly not able to go the endurance of Maxxi. Bella thought she caught a break at one point, and had Maxxi’s back, now trying to flip her over. Maxxi’s defensive stance was strong, and Bella could not budge her. With that Maxxi says” do you not know I used to wrestle in school”. Bella became so frustrated that she could not over take Maxxi, she backs off and they face off again. That was Bella’s biggest mistake, Maxxi pounces like lightning, firing Bella to the mats, and even counts her out at one point in spanish, adding that extra bit of humiliation. Bella was clearly exhausted, Maxxi was wound up still full of life and energy, with each fall bringing her closer to the win. Bella exerted almost all of her energy just trying to lift her shoulders, Maxxi seemingly not even phased having to restart the count multiple times, actually she enjoyed it. Maxxi became the dominator, belittling Bella with each fall, until the very end. Bella had broken into a slight sweat, while Maxxi was ready to go another 30 min with her. Her last count was slow, trying to savor sitting on Bella, enjoying her struggle beneath her as she finally hits 10. Sitting on her a few more extra seconds, Maxxi jumps off saying ” I win”, leaving Bella winded, beaten, and utterly humiliated.



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