SJM-PCV-021 Summer vs Bella Pincount

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SJM-PCV-021 Summer vs Bella  This pincount match was between feisty Summer and Bella. Again this was their very first encounter with one another, but an interesting one at that. This was summer’s very first pin count match, while Bella had a few already under her belt. Bella soon finds out that Summer is quite a strong girl and has to step her game up if she even wants to score a single pin. This match looks like its going back and fourth, with Bella scoring points as well as Summer. But the match takes a turn, more so in Summer’s favor as she is able to get Bella down quite a few more times, and secure her enough to finish the count. Bella is seen struggling beneath Summer but she is unable to unseat her, having troubles escaping now. Summer continues to pin Bella down, sliding up each time on Bella neck, squeezing her thighs tight together making it impossible for Bella to move. Summer also holds Bella’s wrists nice and tight as they are pinned under her shins, restricting Bella’s mobility. When the match was finished, it left Bella on the bottom all washed up, beaten by a new comer. Summer stands proudly over Bella with her foot on her stomach, flexing and smiling, while Bella holds her face in total shame.

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