SJM-PCV-022 Ariel’s Upsetting Pincount

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SJM-PCV-022 Ariel’s Upsetting Pincount Ariel and Bella meet for the first time in this match and it was decided to do a pincount match to break them in together. Ariel had no idea what Bella was capable of, especially judging her strictly on her size. That may have been a mistake Ariel soon realizes as the match begins. Both dressed in their two piece bikinis they charge at each other hoping to be the first for the take down. Little to Ariel’s surprise, she ends up going down, and before she knew what hit her, Bella was already on top securing the pin. Ariel struggles furiously to escape from beneath her smaller opponent, but sees that she is quite stuck. Bella gets to 10 and thy go again. Ariel now tries to step up her game by being more alert and using more power, but Bella amps up her own game. Ariel finds herself being pinned repeatedly over and over, with Bella sliding up and pinning her tightly to the mats. Ariel even gets up once and looks at the camera guy with this look in her eyes like “what the hell” and smirks. Her fighting back pays off, but only after a long dragged out match that leaves Bella in the lead by many more falls. Ariel scores her first pin and manages to get to 10, but we wonder if Bella just gave her that out of pity, since she was beating her badly. By the end, both girls were exhausted, and Ariel learned a valuable lesson, never to judge someone by their size. She is going to have to chalk this loss up, and hopefully next time come back with more ammunition to go against Bella and beat her.

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