SJM-PCV-023 Black Panther Mixed Pincount

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SJM-PCV-023 Black Panther Mixed Pincount  Chadam faces the monstrous Black Panther in a schoolgirl pin count match. This may have been the largest mistake he has made thinking he could actually survive against her. Black Panther is so powerful it takes little to no effort at all to take him down and pin him. With her sheer power and strength she easily pins him repeatedly. When black Panther secures the pin, she sits high and tight on his throat and he can barely breath let alone move. He had to focus more on just staying awake since she was sitting so hard he was literally blacking out. This happens over and over to him, his pinning nightmare has now come true. The more he struggles the harder and tighter she pressed down. We think Chadam wanted this match to be over alot sooner than it was. Black Panther, of course poses over his beaten body flexing her huge muscles showing her superior build gloating her black superiority over him.

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