SJM-PCV-031 Ariannes Tough Pincount

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SJM-PCV-031 Ariannes Tough Pincount   Arianne now faces a very tough competitor in this business, Hazel. She is an extremely fit woman, dark tanned, sleek and very powerful. Arianne has her work cut out for her in this clip as they set up to face one another. Now Arianne has done many pincount matches before, but none will compare to this one. Her opponents have been equally matched in age and size wise. Hazel is faced now with going against a girl half her age, which weighs heavily on her mind before the match. They size one another up as they start off and tensions already run high with anxiety. To Hazels’ surprise, Arianne is much stronger and tougher than she looks as she is having a hard time right off the start trying to get her down. the lock up and battle for position as Arianne tosses Hazel to the mats, but with her quick cat like reflexes she rolls out. As they roll around Hazel gets the upper hand, and tries hard to secure Arianne’s arms down with her shins. Hazel then moves up quickly securing a tight schoolgirlpin while Arianne pushes to escape. Arianne manages to get a shoulder up, making Hazel start the count over again. This time Hazel moves higher up and digs deep under Arianne’s chin with her crotch pushing down. Arianne is now struggling intensely to escape, but fails. As they continually restart, Arianne is giving Hazel a real run for her money doing whatever she can to bring Hazel down to the mats. But with each fall, Hazel manages to get on top pinning Arianne. There were a few take downs where Arianne did get the upper hand, but Hazel was just too quick and agile for her, and she found herself on the bottom. Hazel even resorted to facesitting just to keep her squirming opponent pinned tight to the mats just so she could get the count finished. Arianne was more than humiliated as Hazel dominated this pincount, slamming Arianne to the mats every pinfall. Unfortunately for Arianne this was not her day for a victory. As last fall was shouted they both go at it hard one last time, but Hazel overpowered Arianne pinning and facesitting her one last time. Hazel stayed on top after the count and flexes her perfectly sculpted biceps celebrating her win over Arianne. This was a great pincount match, one of the better ones at that, and passing it up would just be a mistake. GRAB IT TODAY!!! The performances and determination from both ladies is a victory in itself.

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