SJM-PCV-033 Heavy Hitter Pinners

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SJM-PCV-033 Heavy Hitter Pinners

Harley and Fit Beast set the stage for this epic pin count battle. Fit Beast is very built, powerful and not afraid of any one. Harley has a bit of a husky build, and weighs almost the same as Fit Beast, and she is certainly not scared of a good challenge. The match starts off at a bit of a slow pace as each girl is feeling one another out, but it does not take long before the action gets heated up, and bodies start to collide. Harley was quick on the draw and manages to slam Fit Beast down to the mats, while securing her. Sliding up she is controlling Fit Beast’s arms as she gets into a schoolgirl pin and starts the count. Fit Beast fights hard and manages to stop the count making Harley work to get her pinned again. Harley moves up onto Fit Beast chin and presses her crotch down hard as Fit Beast tries to bridge out. Harley scores the first pin and they lock up again. This time fit Beast was on the defensive using brute strength to toss Harley down. Now sitting on her chest, driving her shins into Harley’s arms she starts the count. Fit Beast slides up more, spreading her knees wide for balance, and scores the point after counting Harley out. Both girls now become a lot more aggressive with their tactics, as these middleweights collide taking one another down, hitting the mats with loud crashes, grunts and groans. Things got heated up quickly as neither girl wanted to lose this. Fit Beast and Harley fight tooth and nail to each score pin counts, and you can see that this match is weighing heavily on their endurance as exhaustion is setting in on both girls. Both fit Beast and Harley score near facesit schoolgirl pins, this match is quite a close one. Unfortunately for one girl, her arms were in severe pain from the pins, she was exhausted and all the fight was drained from her. She makes one last ditch attempt to bring the other down, struggling to keep her rival pinned. The intensity of the match was just too much as the hold gets reversed, and the other literally jumps on top of her opponent, winding her. Leaving one girl pinned to the mats, while the other celebrates her much deserved victory over the other. Watch carefully and keep track of the pins, you will rather surprised with the outcome.



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