SJM-PCV-034 Bambi´s Pincount Punishment

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We have all witnessed the trail of devastation that Bambi leaves after demolishing her opponents, and in this pincount match, chadam will serve her quite well as her next prey. Bambi is looking sexier than ever dressed in one piece shiny pink thong suit. As they line up face to face on the mats, the countdown begins and Bambi strikes first. Lunging at Chadam Bambi literally scoops him up, and whips him to the mats, struggling to pin his arms, she lifts up and jumps down landing practically on his face. Bambi keeps his head secured between her thick powerful thighs as she counts, chadam getting his shoulder up a few times, before Bambi locks him to the mats and gets to ten. They get up and restart again, Bambi getting a headlock takedown on this time, and decides to try pinning him in reverse. Chadam manages to get his shoulders up, fighting hard to get out, but Bambi grabs his arms, and pins them tightly, slamming her perfectly rounded ass in his face as she gets to ten again. Start after start, and pin after pin, Bambi takes sheer delight in pinning chadam in a humiliating fashion. Each time she would tease, taunt and laugh at his futile attempts to break free, sometimes she would just sit on his face for fun. As hard as he tried to break free, he lifted his shoulder to stop the count, but Bambi easily fixed that and secured him each and every time to reach ten. Her ability to dominate and humiliate a smaller male is rather sexy. She certainly fixed his cocky attitude after having dominated him in some embarrassing positions he found himself in. Chadam literally spent most of this match trapped in either bambi’s ass, or her crotch as she partially smothered him while counting. Bambi took great pleasure in this match, and her face gleamed with joy. for her grand finale, she uses a full weight pin literally crushing the wind out of him. For a simple pincount match, Bambi made this clip look unbelievably sexy as hell.

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