SJM-PCV-038 Interracial Competitive Pincount

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SJM-PCV-038 Interracial Competitive Pincount  This match pits Bella against A-Low. both of these girls fall into the lightweight category, and both have over inflated egos. This leads to a very competitive rivalry between them. We have not seen an aggressive pin count match turn out like this before, each girl fighting as hard as they can each fall. They charge at each other as they crash to the mats and fight for the upper hand. Bella is ruthless as she scores quite a few pin counts against A-Low, making her upset more and more. If either girl gets pinned, you can hear the grunts and groans as they push as hard as they can to unseat their opponent. The match is a grueling ten minutes as they exert 100% of their energy, both wanting to be the best. Bella does end up on her back as well, as A-Low gives it her all with skill, technique and sheer power to keep Bella pinned. The last pin fall was quite interesting as they both ended up between the doorway to the bedroom, one girl securely pinned down and had no where to go. If you are a fan of interracial fast paced pin counts, this video has it all!!


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