SJM-PCV-045 Gia’s Dominant Pincount

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SJM-PCV-045 Gia’s Dominant Pincount      The 6’1 220 lb giant Gia steps onto the mats challenging her smaller opponent chadam to a pincount match. Chadam was going to do his best not to go down, and be pinned by gia. Unfortunately Gia uses her weight to her advantage and easily starts slamming chadam down to his back. With every pin, he fights hard, and even get makes her have to restart the count. But with each pin, and the constant struggling beneath her, his strength and power slowly starts to dissipate as he grows weaker. Gia slides up each time, either in forward or reverse covers his mouth, and sometimes his nose as she slowly counts to 10. This made matters even worse for chadam as he was being crushed under all that weight, and he could not breathe. Gia enjoyed pinning him down, having his face trapped in her crotch and ass as she counts to 10 each time. As they restart each fall, Chadam was certainly hesitant to lunge at Gia first, for fear he would end up going down. It didn’t matter what he did to protect himself, Gia threw her weight around like it was nothing, sitting high up on his neck, mouth and nose pinning him tightly to the mats. She practically laughs the entire time as there was literally nothing he could do but be stuck under her. By the end, he had no energy, barely any breath, as Gia squashed it all out of him sitting on him. I guess you get what you deserve when you wrestle someone as big as her.


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