SJM-PCV-053 Janira Defeats The Pinning Pitbull

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So Bella is known to be the “pinning pitbull” as she is so called. Well we pit her against Janira who is not so much a wrestler as a dominatrix and gave her some wrestling training. As they get set to square off, Janira looks very determined to beat Bella. Janira is quite strong, and possesses a very mean streak, especially since she did not want to lose. Now when they started, Janira got the jump off on Bella and drove her to the mats. With lightning quick speed she manages to pin Bella down. Janira had an interested way when she used her pins, her knees were spread quite wide helping keep her balance. Now when Bella tried to escape, she literally could not budge. Janira rammed her crotch down hard into Bella’s face crushing her jaw and causing immense pressure on her neck. Slowly counting each fall, Janira was coming out way ahead of Bella, in fact Bella was not able to score a SINGLE pin on Janira. You can see that Janira was so confident, she would easily show off as she kept Bella pinned flat to the mats. Bella bucked, struggled and flailed her legs under Janira trying to unseat her, but was not successful at all. Janira even gets a few good extremely tight ass in the face reverse pin counts on Bella. It was evident that Bella was getting upset knowing someone with ZERO wrestling experience and 30 min of training is actually whooping her ass. This was humiliating and a total blow to poor little Bella’s ego, which is now being shattered. Bella tried many tactics to get Janira down, but all had failed. Janira came out of this match the dominant winner, leaving Bella to tuck her tail between her legs and take another upsetting loss. Some people have it, other’s don’t. Janira had this and at the end poses and flexes her sexy powerful muscles while still sitting on a defeated Bella beneath her. One great pincount match for the books.

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