SJM-PCV-069 Ashley Mauls the Little Pitbull

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SJM-PCV-069 Ashley Mauls the Little Pitbull

Ashley wildcat is a tall sexy blonde goddess with long powerful legs, and a seductively evil smile. One would think a girl next door type would not be able to inflict such destruction in a match. Bella challenges her taller and slightly heavier opponent to a pin count match. Bella seems to think that since Ashley has not done pin count matches before that she will have a good edge against her. Once they began the match, Bella was in for a rude awakening as Ashley takes her to the mats. Once pinned, her long legs extend past Bella’s head, her crotch right on her mouth as Ashley begins to count. Bella was wiggling trying to escape but Ashley was quite strong with her pins and kept Bella pinned tightly. Fall after fall, pin after pin, Ashley was making this look all too easy as she takes down the “pinning pitbull” embarrassing her in her own “specialty”. Ashley teases, and taunts Bella when she is pinned making it even more humiliating for her as she is trapped beneath her sexy blonde opponent. Judging by the expression on Bella’s face a few times, you can tell she was clearly getting frustrated. Especially since she could not score a single take down on her much taller more skilled nemesis. Ashley even threw in a few good taunting facesits that Bella had to desperately escape from to get her breath, but she could not totally get free from Ashley’s intense schoolgirl pins and facesits. All in all, Bella unfortunately for her, could not score a single point, nor pin on Ashley. Literally the whole match Ashley toyed with the smaller weaker Bella sitting all over her in forward and reverse, humiliating her with each pincount. Bella was left devastated, tired and frustrated by the end of the match. Goes to show experience on the mats out does a simple name that can’t be lived up to. Ashley was more than happy to walk away a proud winner.


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