SJM-PCV-074 The Pincount Queen

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Aubrey takes on Chris in her very first mixed match against him and it was a pincount match. Well Chris was pretty confident that he would win, due to Aubrey’s size, knowing he had a height advantage over her. when they began Chris faced his biggest challenge ever, that was fighting off Aubrey. That did not work out well at all for Chris as Aubrey whipped his ass to the mats like a rag doll, mounting him in a tight schoolgirl pin before he had a chance to do anything. Her power surprised him, as each take down he crashes hard to the mats, Aubrey covering his mouth with her crotch and slowly counting. In fact Aubrey became so cocky she counted sometimes till 15, others she kept him pinned a full 20 count. He tried to step up his game, and he was able to actually pin her once. You can tell he felt proud to get one on, as Aubrey uses reverse schoolgirl pins, ramming her ass into his face while she counted. He moaned, and struggled beneath her, but her pin was so strong he could not get her off, or even get a shoulder lifted. Aubrey possesses a lot of stamina and endurance, as Chris did not which as the match progressed you can hear him more and more out of breath. With almost every pin, she teased, taunted and verbally humiliated him all the while practically sitting on his face each time she counted. Half way through, Chris forced with what power he had left, and was able to throw Aubrey to the mats. He quickly jumped on top and quite winded he began to count. Aubrey merely laughed at his futile pin, mocking and making fun of him from the bottom. Once he got to ten she said “oh wow, you know how to count”. All that did now was anger this little hell cat, and she demolished him over and over with forward and reverse extremely tight pins, most times sitting on his mouth. Fall after fall, Chris’s face was buried in Aubrey’s tanned muscular thighs, no where to go. She continually made fun of him, teasing and humiliating him all the while counting him out. Aubrey was faster, more agile, and she was able to over take Chris almost every fall. Her verbal humiliation towards him was enough to make him feel belittled, as she sat proudly on top winning fall after fall. Near the end Aubrey had him trapped, at at the count of 9 she told him to say 10. Chris refused, so she simply started over keeping her dominant position on top. Finally with some coaxing and inflicting a bit of pain he said 10. She slapped his face repeatedly then got off as the camera person calls last fall. Chris fights hard to stay on his knees, but Aubrey sweeps in and literally throws him with a reverse headlock down to the mats. He hits pretty hard as she instantly gets on top pinning his arms high above his head and sits on his face counting. There was nothing Chris could do but lay under her feeling humiliated as Aubrey slaps him again, flexes then calls him a pussy. Chris just experienced what it is like to take on a calm version of Aubrey. We are not sure he wants to face her again after this manhood depriving match.



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