SJM-PCV-088 Pam’s Pummelling Pincount

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SJM-PCV-088 Pam’s Pummelling Pincount  Chris takes on heavyweight Pam in an all out pin count match.  Chris is taller than Pam, but she has the weight behind her to help her in this clip. Chris certainly gives Pam a good run on the mats as he defiantly does not want to be pinned. Ultimately the harder he fought the rougher Pam became. Each time she pins Chris, his arms would mostly be above his head, removing his leverage to fight back. Pam used her weight to sit nice and hard on his neck and chest, and counted him out over and over. With each take down, Chris was adamant on trying to get Pam pinned, but each time he just winds up on his back, Pam on top. Pam would take her time counting to ten, making Chris fight harder and longer, initially wearing himself out. Enjoying her what looks to be an easy victory, Pam smiles even taunting Chris. When last fall was called, Chris was pretty much exhausted, but he did make Pam work throughout the clip. Unfortunately her size and weight proved to be too much for skinny little chris and he lost this match, horribly.


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