SJM-PCV-100 Hazels No Escape Pincount

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Chadam is challenging the tough muscular Hazel to a pincount match and he is in for the shock of his life. When Hazel gets her mind focused on a match, she is out for one thing, and one thing only, to destroy and over power her opponents, at any cost. She is dressed in what looks to be almost painted on jeans and a sports bra, exposing her chiseled tanned stomach. Hazel has superb stamina, possesses a lot of strength and power and is ready to dominate. The count down begins and as they lock up chadam is taken down to the mats with Hazel right on top of him. She slides up grabbing his arms pinning them under her shins and sitting right on his mouth. As she counts he struggles under her to try and get out, but she is much stronger overall and keeps him pinned for the 10 count. Chadam knows he is going to have to step up his game to even come close to being able to fend off Hazel, but as you can clearly see she is a force to reckon with. With each repeated take down, Hazel secures her position on top pinning chadam tightly to the mats, mostly sitting in his chin and mouth. Now having to breath out his nose her jeans press tightly against his face as she sits prone on top of her weak little victim gaining pin after pin. As the match progresses it is starting to show that chadam is having a harder time getting up after each fall. Hazel has nor shows him any mercy at all, pinning him counting slowly to inflict maximum pain and humiliation. Hazel is on a mission and that was to annihilate chadam, just strictly using high and tight schoolgirl pins and facesits. Hazel could not have looked any more beautiful as she dominates this match completely. Chadam’s face locked in tight between her muscular thighs, heavily breathing barely through his nose as she sometimes even blocks that by pressing down harder on his face. Even when he tried to lift his shoulders up, Hazel’s strength easily overpowered his futile attempts. When the camera girl calls last fall, chadam was exhausted, wanting all of this just to be over. He has been subjected to Hazel’s ultimate humiliation long enough as she slams him down one last time. Climbing up practically onto his face, his breathing was stuttered and muffled as her denim covered crotch buries his face as she slowly counts him out for the last pin. Hazel sits on his face in victory a she flexes her rippling arms muscles, showing the world that this woman has what it takes to destroy any man on the mats.


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