SJM-PCV-210 I Like You Under Me

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Chadam and Velvet grace the mats today to prepare for a mixed pin count match. Velvet has a thing for white guys, and chadam will soon learn being trapped under her, just how much. Velvet is pumped to begin and is ready as is chad. They collide and hit the mats, Velvet getting him pinned. As she pins him she makes sure to sit nice and high, where he can barely just breathe out his nose. Once Velvet has him secured, she starts to count, but nice and slow so she can look down at him enjoying herself on his face. Once she gets to 10 she jumps up and barely gives him a chance to get up and pounces right back on him. Chadam knew he was not going to be able to get Velvet even one time, and this turns into a one sided pin count domination match. Velvet was in complete control the whole time making sure to have his face buried in her crotch as she slowly counts him out each time. Chadam struggles to escape and also to breathe, but Velvet was determined to savor every pin she go on him. Velvet nails a few good reverse pins as well, making sure her ass is as close to his face covering his mouth as possible. Velvet was enjoying his heavy breathing into her crotch as she uses mostly forward pins hence why she counted slowly. Most of the schoolgirl pin facesits she used Chadam was struggling just to breathe let alone escape. Velvet displayed her domineering attitude loving the fact that she had this little white guy trapped, pinned and practically smothered in her thighs and crotch. Velvet even gave chadam a few chances to slightly recover, but that was not enough for him as he endured a very humiliating pin count match with his sexy black dominatrix. This is a great interracial pin match, and you can see the sheer enjoyment on Velvets face throughout the entire match.

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