SJM-PDV-001 Sandra Dominates

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SJM-PDV-001 Sandra Dominates-  New fitness buff and yoga instructor Sandra tries her hand out at wrestling. She goes up against Mia who has alot of wrestling experience herself, and finds herself in quite a bind against Sandra. Not only is Sandra, limber, she is quick and very powerful, all something Mia finds out rather quickly in this match. Mia has the skills, but Sandra makes up for that in sheer force alone. Sandra fairs out against Mia using headlocks, grapevine pins, and crossbody pins to trap and subdue Mia. Mia can be quite the fighter herself and really gives Sandra a run for her money. Sandra certainly caught on to the schoolgirl pin fast and used it frequently to pin Mia. Sandra even uses the matchbook pin on Mia making escape almost impossible. Mia wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and she fights back hard, trying to over take Sandra. Eventually with her skills, Mia ends up on top near the end and catches Sandra in a schoolgirl pin, locks her arms in her thighs and Sandra has no way out. Frustrated about losing, Sandra verbally gives up.


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