SJM-PDV-002 Saras Jean Pin Domination

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SJM-PDV-002 Saras Jean Pin Domination  We welcome the powerful, sexy wrestler domme sara Lips. She is a ruthless wrestler out to inflict maximum punishment. In this video she is toned down and takes part in a pin domination style match instead. Even with her skills, she easily man handles chadam and keeps him pinned tight to the mats. She is also dressed in her skin tight jeans, and has on her MMA gloves. We were nervous that she was going to actually use them!! She decided to put chadam through the process of making him try to escape her pin. With her great physique, and such toned powerful legs, once he was pinned, that was it for him. He pushed, bucked, and tried to toss her off. she made this pin domination session look all so easy. She even kept chadam tamed by driving her pelvic bone down into his throat or pressing it hard onto his chin, making him squint in pain. You can hear in his voice the agitation setting in as there was no hope for him to escape, as Sara sat posing, and flexing while he struggled to break free. Sara even spins into reverse, pinning him down, and uses hand over mouth to keep him quiet. Her sheer strength is amazing. If you like a long drawn out schoolgirl pin, with total domination and humiliation, this is the perfect clip to watch!! Sara is awesome!!



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