SJM-PDV-003 Ambers Pin Victim

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Amber who is a very pretty BBW takes the offer to try and beat, pin and subdue her smaller male foe in this clip. Amber weighs almost 190 lbs, and stands a little over 5’9, easily ready for her match. Once they begin, Amber grabs a hold of her smaller opponent and whips him to the mats. From there she pins him down, shins over arms, putting all her weight down onto his chest. As he bucks and squirms she is forced up even higher on him. Amber grabs his arms and pulls up on them causing pain in his bicep and shoulder area, making escape impossible now. Amber decides to scoot up a bit higher and sits on his chin for good measure, now when he struggles she barely moves at all now. Amber also uses her reverse schoolgirl pin, and spins around quickly not loosing any momentum pinning him yet again in reverse now. Her male victim is clearly winded from enduring all her weight on top of him, and crushing his neck making breathing difficult. Once he has had enough he finally quits, but Amber wanted him to say it nice and loud, before she flexes her mammoth biceps showing off her feminine superiority over a weaker male.



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