SJM-PDV-005-Paige´s Pin Punishment

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SJM-PDV-005-Paige´s Pin Punishment  This match features Evangeline(18) taking on Paige (23). This was their very first match together and what a match it was. Evangeline is a tough girl who’s fueled just on adrenaline in this match. She is slightly intimidated by Paige’s size and muscular build. Once these two begin, the action becomes serious. Evangeline takes Paige by surprise with the initial take down, and ends up pinning her down. Paige not wanting this humiliation so early into their match, she fights hard to escape. Evangeline keeps her pinned tightly making it hard for Paige to even move. Paige is just afraid to lose her very first match against her younger opponent and struggles hard. There are a few times that Paige manages to escape only to find herself being driven right back to the mats. Evangeline holds the schoolgirl pin for long periods on Paige even driving her crotch into her throat choking her. she also puts Paige’s arms high above her head, keeping them locked between her thighs. In one instance, Paige breaks free, and Evangeline grabs Paige and whips her down to the mats so hard, she actually knocked the wind out of her. Paige was becoming quite exhausted trying to fight off her smaller foe. During their scuffle, Paige finds herself on the bottom nearly the entire match. Paige would buck trying to unseat Evangeline, only to find it threw her even higher up on her. Evangeline found herself sitting on Paige’s face a few times, and that didn’t phase her one bit, she just waited for Paige to tap out instead. By the end of this, Evangeline had Paige right where she wanted her, under her. With Paige’s arms secured high above her head now, Evangeline cheats and moves up covering Paige’s mouth and nose smothering her into complete submission now. Paige gasping and out of breath, she submits to Evangeline, who sits high on her posing and flexing in total victory.



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