SJM-PDV-008 Ashley Vs Bella Bedroom Pin Match

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SJM-PDV-008 Ashley Vs Bella Bedroom Pin Match  Watch this action packed pin match between Ashley Wildcat, and Bella. they are competing for most pins, all done on the bed. They are allowed to use any pin hold they want and have to keep the opposing person pinned for a 5 second count. Wrestling on a bed can be challenging especially since both girls were looking to win this, at whatever cost. As they fly all over the bed, entangled in one anothers holds, both girls score points. Some with schoolgirl pins, full body press pins, and cross body pins. Ashley even takes advantage of pinning Bella, and puts her in a single leg cradle pin, and uses her breasts to smother her while she counted. Using a few cheat tactics it looks like Ashley was scoring more points now. Bella fights back, scoring her own barrage of pins and points.  Every opportunity that Ashley could pin Bella, she tries to cheat using breast smothers to break down Bella and score more points. Ashley even uses a variation of a schoolgirl pin, she had both of her legs off the side of the bed on the floor, with Bella’s face trapped in a near facesit. You will have to keep track of the points and see who won this match!!!

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