SJM-PDV-011 Competitive Pinned Into Submission

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SJM-PDV-011 Competitive Pinned Into Submission  Harley meets Arianne in a face to face, breast to breast  pin competition. This match has special rules, they can only use crossbody pins, single leg cradle pins, spladles, grapevines a few breast smothers and full body presses. Limiting their other moves makes them focus more on technical pins now, and both girls out perform themselves. This is a great back and fourth pin submission match, Arianne and Harley both gaining a major amount of submissions using just these moves. You can tell that when one gets trapped in the others’ hold, they fought through the pain, and tried to escape, sometimes even yelping in pain. Harley locked on a beautiful spladle, really twisting Arianne like a pretzel. Harley’s crossbody was nearly lethal, it was so tight and well executed it did not take long for Arianne to tap in them. They also exchanged a few breast smothers to try and wind one another. Each girl also jumped on the opportunity to stretch her oppoents legs wide open in a painful way with the grapevine pin, it looked painful just filming it. One girl seems to gain the edge over the other, and by the end, one girl fights with all the strength she has left to escape, but instead, has to concede the match. Quite a surprising ending.


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