SJM-PDV-070 Trapped Under An SSBBW

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SJM-PDV-070 Trapped Under An SSBBW  Sam was in total shock when she was having to wrestle Andrea, who weighs in at over 300 lbs. Sam knew she was in big trouble, no pun intended. When they begin, Andrea’s sheer size and strength easily sent Sam to the mats. Once Sam was down and Andrea climbed on top Sam was paralyzed just from her weight alone. Andrea made her way into a very tight schoolgirl pin near facesit as she kept Sam pinned to the mats. Andrea then moved into a smothering crossbody pin that still kept Sam immobilized and she tapped so she could get air. Even though sam fought to escape, she literally could not budge Andrea who just used her weight to keep Sam pinned. Andrea’s weight took a serious toll on Sam having to be trapped under over 300 lbs her breathing was already constricted from the weight alone. Andrea shuffled from schoolgirl pin to facesits, to crossbody pins, then to reverse facesits and pins. Throughout the entire video Andrea dominated Sam enjoying her time on top of her looking down smiling, knowing Sam will never escape. Andrea finishes the clip in reverse as she slides her huge ass back and swallows Sam’s face and head smothering her. Sam could not bear it any longer and has to quit the match, tired and exhausted just from being sat on, and smothered.


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