SJM-PIC-003 – Piledriver Pin Up’s

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SJM-PIC-003 – Piledriver Pin Up’s  Here is the photoset from Cynara and Melody’s pin up piledriver match. both girls were dressed in their pin up attire. It didn’t take Cynara long before she unleashed her sadistically cruel demeanor on poor Melody. Cynara uses her weight to her advantage in keeping Melody pinned down in tight schoolgirl pins. Cynara crushes Melody’s head between her thick thighs in headscissors. Cynara then takes the opportunity to pick Melody up and deliver her first piledriver, stunning Melody. With more forward and reverse pins, and even more headscissors, Melody was not fairing out so well anymore. Cynara again lifts Melody up into more piledrivers, eventually finishing her off with one last one. Cynara places her foot over Melody’s throat cocking a smug smirk on her face, knowing that was all too easy for her.


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