SJM-PIC-004 – Trina The Slammer

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SJM-PIC-004 – Trina The Slammer  Trina and Mariella always have an ongoing dispute here. Mariella is not intimidated by Trina’s size at all, and always gives Trina a good challenge. This was quite a match where we thought for sure Mariella was going to come out victorious. Trina is powerful and proves it over and over by using piledrivers and even a tombstone to weaken and wear down tough girl Mariella. Although Mariella is strong, she traps Trina in some tight SGP’s, and uses her powerful legs to wrap around Trina’s neck and squeeze her. This obviously was not enough to wear down the BBW Amazon, as Mariella found herself stuck in cradles, pins, crossbody pins, headscissors,  and schoolgirl pins herself. Trina takes her finisher to a whole new level, hoisting Mariella up over her back, and slams Mariella to the mats landing on top of her in practically a schoolgirl pin, Mariella now out for the count. Trina chalks up another great piledriver/wrestling victory. Awesome photoset here.


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