SJM-PIC-005 – Sexy Bedroom Pin Power

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SJM-PIC-005 – Sexy Bedroom Pin Power  Sam gets her chance to take on Ashley Wildcat again, this time in a more intimate setting, the bedroom. Sam knows that Ashley is tough, and with killer legs, and killer looks, Sam was going to do her best to win.With this being a pin to submission battle, Sam was sure to win. Ashley is much stronger than Sam truly anticipated, and found herself tossed down flat on her back on the bed pretty quick. Before Sam knew it, Ashley was securing on a super tight crossbody pin that had Sam tapping early on the match. Fighting hard to escape, Sam found herself now with Ashley face to face with her, locking her down with a full body/grapevine pin, Ashley staring down into Sam’s eyes as she struggled to break free. Ashley giggled, laughed, and even taunted Sam to get out. Switching from move to move, Sam had no where to go, and had just better concede to her new sexy blonde goddess, as Sam lay there helplessly pinned, giving up to the exotic Wildcat. If you are a fan of watching a super hot blonde dominate a bigger opponent with such ease.


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