SJM-PIC-011 – Bella’s Shameful Loss picset

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Bella and Summer are set to square off in a pin count battle. Bella is well known for her superior pinning skills, and she is taking on a rather tough opponent Summer. They size on another up quickly before they begin, Bella gets the early jump off on Summer as they both hit the mats, Bella with the upper hand. Summer struggles beneath Bella realizing she was alot tougher than she looked. As Bella hits the count of 10, they square of again. This time Summer was prepared and Summer tackles Bella putting her flat on her back. when Summer mounts Bella she sits under her chin, pressing down on Bella’s throat, and you can see Bella trying to kick out, but she is losing her footing and slipping with every push. Summer scores the point and they restart again. Summer has now found Bella’s weak spot and preys on it, as each time they go down, Summer gets the upper hand. She has a grip of steel, and Bella is constantly trapped between Summer’s thighs, as she counts. Bella was only able to get Summer down one more time in this clip, and Summer dominated over Bella. With each pin, Bella grew weaker, as her chin is constantly pressed up into the crotch of her adversary. Now comes the last fall, and Summer was determined to beat Bella. Summer manages to trip up Bella, driving her down and swiftly pinning her. the look of discouragement was all over Bella’s face as Summer sat high on her chin, tucking her arms under her shins. Summer sat proudly counting, riding Bella’s bucking and struggling until she gets to 10. Summer flexes, taunts Bella, stands up and flexes while putting her foot on Bella, who now hides her face in total shame.



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