SJM-PSV-007 The Terrible Torture Rack

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SJM-PIC-009 – The Terrible Torture Rack    Paige take on Black Tiger in the ring for a prostyle black vs white debut. Black Tiger is bigger than Paige, but that did not stop her from dominating her. They stand face to face, staring down each other waiting anxiously for the count. Black Tiger pounces on Paige, taking her straight to the mats. Pinning her down Black Tiger wastes no time, rolls Paige to her side locking on a bodyscissor, then rolls right back on top of Paige. Using a forearm choke she drives her arm deep into Paige’s throat. she catches Paige off guard and rolls her onto her stomach. and before Paige could react, Black tiger gets her into a painful bow and arrow. After dropping her onto the mats, Paige fights back, pinning Black Tiger in a schoolgirl pin making her squirm. Black Tiger escapes, and they shuffle for position, Black tiger now using a headscissor, and chin locks. she also gets on a full body press, uses legs stretches and  painful arm lock. Paige and Black Tiger get back to their feet, then black Tiger lines up Paige for a piledriver in the middle of the ring. Paige is stunned and Black Tiger is now on her back while Paige lay face down. When they get to their feet, Black Tiger readies Paige and hoists her into the air then onto her back in a torture rack. she holds her in this for a bit, drops down to her knee then tosses Paige off her back. From there Paige was in pain, and exhausted while Black Tiger does not let up on her. Black Tiger gets a few more holds on, headscissors, a schoolgirl pin, and even a reverse headscissor. With her thick black muscular thighs around Paige’s neck there was nothing she could do. Black Tiger decided it was time to totally finish Paige off, lifts her up again putting her into yet another brutal torture rack, walking around with her gloating her power, then tossing a spent Paige to the mats. She sits on Paige’s back flexing her huge black powerful muscles, over a beaten Paige.



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