SJM-PSV-010 Damsels of Destruction

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Cynara and Paige both team up to take on Chris and Chadam in this tag team battle. Cynara is known for being ruthless and loves to punish her victims, Paige the powerhouse has legs of sheer steel that she uses to crush both Chris and chadam with. It was Paige and Chadam up first and Paige wasted no time in getting Chadam down and securing on some brutal facesits. As chadam fought to escape he tapped out quite a few times in the facesits, and Paige easily switches to a forward headscissor, now wrapping those giant thighs around his head. Watching his face turn purple, she relentlessly squeezes, then tags off to Cynara. She facesits him a well, then turns into reverse, locks his arms up, and literally tries to snap them off in a weird armlock. chadam yelps in pain, and after Cynara reverse facesits him, he manages to tag off to his partner Chris. Cynara wastes no time dominating Chris, catching him in a headlock bodyscissor combo, causing instant taps. Paige and Cynara are destroying both Chris and Chadam causing as much pain and damage as possible. Nearing the end all four are on the mats, both girls humiliating their male victims. Paige and Cynara then lift both their rag doll slaves to their feet, put their head between their thighs, and lift each one up simultaneously into a piledriver. They also both dropped them at the exact same time, putting both Chris and Chadam out. Each girl standing victoriously over their now limp bodies, flexing.


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