SJM-PSV-012-Paige’s Piledriver Victory

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SJM-PSV-012-Paige’s Piledriver Victory  Mariella and  Paige are setting the stage for an epic first time pile driver style match. Paige is dressed in tight jean shorts and sports top, Mariella has on her 2 piece bikini. Paige does not know what she is in for going against Mariella, this being her first time ever lifting someone. Mariella has ample experience with piledrivers. Both girls are now going back and fourth, securing loads of tight forward and reverse pins, and Paige is trying to use her headscissor power to weaken Mariella. You can clearly see Mariella struggle once Paige has her thighs wrapped tightly around Mariella’s neck making her tap out rather quickly. Paige now finds herself on the receiving end of Mariella’s piledriver, as Paige goes crashing to the mats. Dazed, but certainly that first piledriver had no lasting effect on her. Paige attacks Mariella again, with loads of pins, as she looks down watching Mariella squirm to try and break free. Paige now grabs Mariella by the hair and brings her to her feet. She simply positions Mariella and lifts her up into the piledriver, now slamming Mariella to the mats. That piledriver had quite the profound effect on Mariella, as Paige instantly goes after Mariella. Seeing there is nothing she could do now, Mariella is complacent and overpowered by the stronger Paige. Paige’s finale was sweet. She hoists Mariella into the air one last time, and brings her crashing down hard onto the mats, putting her out. Now face down, Paige puts her knee on the back of Mariella’s neck, and flexes in triumphant victory!!! Excellent first timer pile driver here.


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