SJM-PSV-013-Bella´s First Piledriver

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Bella squares off today against the tough Paige. Both are dressed in 1pce suits, boots and knee pads ready to rumble. They start off in a collar elbow lock up, and as they struggle for position, Bella jumps up and catches Paige around the waist and brings her crashing to the mats. Paige now fights to break free from Bella’s grip, then Bella easily jumps ontop catching Paige in a schoolgirl pin. Paige can see that she has her work cut out for her, as Bella is fierce in her wrestling. With brutal facesits, Paige is feeling trapped and almost helpless against her smaller opponent. Paige finally escapes, red-faced and winded, she finally gets Bella down, and returns the facesitting. Pinning Bella down was a challenge, so Paige lifts her up to her feet, and lines her up for a piledriver hoping this will help weaken her. Bella gets slammed into the mats, and lays slightly stunned. Paige rolls her onto her back, and facesits Bella even more now in hopes that will make her submissive. From there Paige tries to go for a headscissor, and almost doesn’t get it, but finally locks her heels together trapping Bella’s head in her thighs. Crushing her head, Bella is feeling the pain now. Bella spends some time trapped in Paige’s scissors, and Paige releases it and goes again for the facesit. Bella gets a serious burst of energy, escapes and is now focused on making Paige pay. With some scissors and wicked facesitting, Bella jumps up, grabs Paige by the hair and lines her up for a piledriver. Paige was NOT expecting the smallest girl to be pile driving her. Bella lifts her taller and heavier opponent like it was nothing, Paige was left stunned. After that, they both exchange some pretty intense headscissors, and smothering facesits on each other. Now it’s not hard to tell they are both exhausted, Bella ends up on the receiving end again of another piledriver, and with more wrestling, scissors, and facesitting, Bella readies herself for another piledriver. Lifting Paige up nice and high, Bella holds her there for a few seconds even taunts her, then BOOM slams Paige to the mats. Paige is baffled now not knowing Bella could even do piledrivers. they exchange a few more holds, and Paige picks Bella up in almost an over the shoulder hold, grabs her legs, now Bella is draped over Paige’s back, face down. Paige drops to her knees, and Bella was literally beneath her in a schoolgirl pin. Paige wipes out whatever energy Bella has left in her with a long facesit, and would only get off her if Bella quit. Paige got off lucky, and barely was able to defeat Bella in this outstanding clip. Bella will return for revenge.


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