SJM-PSV-014 Jennifer Destroys Sam

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SJM-PSV-014 Jennifer Destroys Sam Sam faces off against the highly experienced beautiful Jennifer Thomas. Sam knows that she is in serious trouble even thinking about going against her. Jennifer was not afraid given their size differences, even though Jennifer is well stacked and extremely muscular. They face off and Sam actually gets the take down on Jennifer, but that victory became short lived for her. After a few breast smothers, Jennifer escapes and reverses it on Sam. They have quite the unique banter going on throughout this match as well. Jennifer easily over powers Sam and dominates her the rest of the match. You will see headscissors, face slams, neck cranks, and more. Jennifer wore down Sam time and time again, more slams, nose hook, and a standing hair mare. Sam was screaming as Jennifer topples her. With only mere minutes left to go, Sam was so exhausted, Jennifer lays Sam against the bed. Standing only a few feet away from her, Jennifer slaps her ass, slowly stepping backwards towards Sam now. Sam too stunned to move ends up with Jennifer ramming her butt into her face, giving Sam the ultimate stinkface KO ending.


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  • This is a totally awesome download, muscle vs sexy mass. Jennifer Thomas, gym homed in her higher end 40’s, vs our own soft cuddly gorgeous Sam, was only going to go one way..Total domination and a very enjoyable watch. Get it:)

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