SJM-PSV-016 Schoolgirl Slam

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SJM-PSV-016 Schoolgirl Slam  Evangeline steps onto the mats prepared for wanting to take out Mariella in their prostyle battle. Even though Evangeline is not a lifter, she was going to use her mat skills to over take and win this match. Mariella is tough and has quite a bit of strength in her, enough for her to slam Evangeline down to the mats with multiple piledrivers throughout the match. Evangeline fires back against Mariella pinning her down, making her fight to break free, hopefully tiring out. This was not the case as Mariella reverses the hold of Evangeline, pinning her down in a tight schoolgirl pin, and even tosses in a facesit or 2 just for good measure and added humiliation. Evangeline manages to re pay the humiliating favor back on Mariella and pins her down and does the same back to her. After being dominated and piledriven by Mariella, shes feeling the pain and exhaustion kick in. Mariella is looking at finishing this match, and Evangeline once and for all, as she hoists her up again one last time. Holding her upside down, she steadies herself, then BOOM, Evangeline hits the mats with a powerful force, and is now out. Mariella poses victoriously over her now beaten foe, proud to be the winner.



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