SJM-PSV-017 Kristie vs Bella The Pro Show

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SJM-PSV-017 Kristie vs Bella The Pro Show  Bella takes on the mighty Krisite Etzold in a no holds barred pro style match. Kristie shows Bella a thing or two about prostyle wrestling holds in this match. As they lock up in a collar to elbow, Kristie easily takes control. Kristie uses a variety of painful holds on Bella to break her down. From bostom crab chin locks, to bow and arrows, arm stretches, small package, and breath depriving bear hugs, Bella is getting a beating. Bella had only one chance to escape and used Kristie’s famous headscissor against her. Was not long before Kristie escapes, and applies a variety of head scissors on her smaller opponent. With full nelsons, camel clutches and more Bella was finished. Kristie even uses an airplane spin that has Bella dazed, dizzy and completely wiped out.



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