SJM-PSV-018 Piledriver Destruction

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SJM-PSV-018 Piledriver Destruction  Donna and Mariella are back on the mats looking to wreak havoc between one another. They start the match on their feet, and as Mariella goes towards Donna for the takedown, Donna steps on the inside and hip tosses Mariella to the mats. Partially stunned, Donna moves in for a quick arm bar on her. Pulling hard on her arm Mariella taps out. Donna gets multiple taps before releasing her arm. Unfortunately for Donna Mariella was quicker at getting up, and gets Donna down in a pin.Once secured Donna was fighting to get out, as Mariella verbally bashes her. Then Mariella moves up into a facesit smothering Donna. With a few more good taps, Mariella decides to drag Donna up to her feet and give her her first pile driver of the match.  Donna hits the mats, and out she goes. Laying there stunned and groggy Mariella mounts her once again. Once she comes to Mariella went right back to facesitting her. Donna is now stuck beneath Mariella as she continually smothers her. Then Mariella lifts her up again for her second pile driver. This time when Donna comes to, Mariella is sitting on her in reverse and buries her face in her ass. Donna finds herself struggling, and as Mariella goes to transition into forward, Donna whips her off balance. Now it was Donna’s turn to inflict air depriving facesits herself. Then she changes to a side headscissor, squashing Mariella’s head between her thick thighs. Donna even grabs Mariella by the hair pulling her in closer as she tightens the squeeze. Donna then reverts to a full weight facesit, really making Mariella suffer. Mariella then escapes, locking on a painful grapevine, then slides up right onto another facesit. She then pulls Donna to her feet, this time Donna moved slower due to lack of strength, and Mariella pile drives her again. Donna hits the mats with a loud THUD, and is out for longer this time. Mariella dishes out more forward and reverse facesitting, and throws in a breast smother. Donna is able to reverse it now, and jumps into a facesit on Mariella. she then switches to a full weight really punishing Mariella now. Mariella is totally gasping for air, and in trouble as Donna secures another side headscissor on her. Donna holds her head tight pulling her hair, watching Mariella’s face turn red, crushing her head again between her thighs. Mariella musters up every last ounce of strength and escapes, dragging Donna to her feet. Donna knew what was coming as Mariella hoists her into the air, Donna is sent head first into the mats one last time. Mariella, very winded and tired, poses over top her beaten foe, still trying to catch her breath.


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