SJM-PSV-019 Bellas Piledriver Nightmare

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SJM-PSV-019 Bellas Piledriver Nightmare  Sam is known for her power and strength and easily dominating her opponents with amazing pile drivers. Well Bella takes the brunt end of quite a few piledrivers in this clip. Sam loves to toy with her victims as she hoists Bella up over and over into devastating piledrivers. Sometimes Sam would mock and tease them, pretending to drop them putting fear into her victim, then catch them of guard and piledrive them. Bella was getting dazed, tired and even confused after being pile driven so many times. Each time Sam pulls her to her feet Bella grew more and more weary. Sam even picks Bella up, walks around with her, spins in circles then BOOM pile drives her to the mats. Bella’s last and final pile driver was the one to completely finish her off. Sam claims victory over another defeated opponent, pile driver style.

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