SJM-PCV-012 Bella vs Kristie Pincount

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SJM-PVC-012 Bella vs Kristie Pincount   This is the all out battle of the ages pin count. Bella is half Kristie’s age, and lacks the weight behind her as well. But Bella is determined to do her best against her heavier, older and more experienced opponent. This is an epic pin count match that has Bella working double time just to score a single pin count. All of her skill will come into play here, just to secure even a single pin on Kristie. As the match takes off, Kristie man handles smaller Bella, and scores an easy take down, and uses her weight to keep Bella trapped, and shoulders pinned to the mats with ease. It does not take long for Kristie to start racking up pin count wins, fall after fall. To Kristie’s surprise, the smaller feisty Bella is able to get Kristie down to the mats. Climbing on top now, Bella digs herself in under Kristie’s chin, pinning her arms tightly to the mats with her shins, she manages to keep Kristie down, now scoring her own mini victory. Kristie jumps back getting Bella again. But Bella was not finished and scored a few more good pin counts on Kristie, making this match not so much one sided anymore. Only one girl comes out scoring more pin counts than the other, leaving one girl slightly upset at her loss.



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