SJM-SPS-22 Sisters Prostyle Match

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The real life sisters Aubrey and Arianne are ready to take one another on in their first ever prostyle clip. Aubrey is wearing her super tight frayed jean shorts and mesh sports bra, along with her wrestling shoes. Arianne is wearing her 2 piece bikini, and her wrestling boots as well. They square off on their knees and on the three count, Aubrey was quick to pull Arianne down, and gets her into a headscissor and begins to squeeze. Aubrey is draped over Arianne’s back as her powerful thighs gripped Arianne’s neck making her cringe in pain as she taps. After a few taps, Aubrey rolls to her side keeping her sister trapped in the headscissor. As Aubrey pours on the pressure you can hear Arianne trying to catch her breath between squeezes as she is suffering greatly. Aubrey says to her sister “are you struggling bitch”, getting all cocky as she has Arianne in her grasp. Releasing the scissor, Aubrey jumps on top of her older sister and puts her in a tight schoolgirl pin. Teasing and taunting her now, Aubrey is in control making fun of Arianne beneath her.  Aubrey then stands up, drags her sister on the mats, jumps back on top of her then spins into reverse. Aubrey then shakes her ass in Arianne’s face, bouncing up and down then smothers her. Aubrey keeps teasing Arianne by saying “are you done fighting, is that all you got?”. Arianne is struggling to throw her little sister off her but is having a very hard time doing so. Aubrey lays down and clamps on a reverse headscissor that really has Arianne tapping quick. Now switching to a reverse figure four, Arianne struggles hard to escape. As Aubrey gets off Arianne thinking she wore her down enough, Arianne jumps up and slams Aubrey down to the mats completely catching her off guard. Arianne works on securing Aubrey down and gets her into a schoolgirl pin. She begins to mock her little sister, the sits on her face. Aubrey’s face shows that she was discouraged that she lost her top position and her sister was now dominating her. As Arianne facesits Aubrey she verbally taunts and teases her back, then facesits her one more time. Arianne grabs Aubrey by the hair and stands up pulling Aubrey up to her feet. Without hesitation, Arianne lifts her sister up into a piledriver, then slams her to the mats. Aubrey lay completely dazed on the mats while Arianne drags her by her legs and says ” you out or what, huh, what are you going to do about it”. Then Arianne mounts Aubrey in reverse, lays down and locks on her famously tight reverse straight leg scissor. Aubrey suffers between Arianne’s powerful thighs, feeling each squeeze as her face winces in pain. Arianne switches a figure four applying the hold tighter now. Aubrey was getting upset and lifts her legs to find Arianne’s head to scissor her. It works, as Aubrey gets on her own scissor, now both girls are in a double headscissor. They battle it out, both squeezing hard but Aubrey edges out Arianne making Arianne loosen then release her own scissor. Aubrey now breaks down Arianne in a side scissor combined with her figure four. Aubrey then releases the hold and says to her sister ” cmon, is that all you got” but that will prove to be a mistake on her behalf as Arianne jumps on her, breast smothering her. Arianne then slides up into a school girl pin taunting her sister back with her own words. Scooting up higher now, Arianne plants herself on Aubrey face smothering her. Aubrey brings her legs up to try and pull Arainne off her, but instead, Arianne grabs her legs and folds her into a small package facesit now. Arianne lets her legs go and says “you better learn to keep your legs down now bitch” and sits on her face again. Arianne went to switch into a full weight but Aubrey pushes her off, but Arianne was quick on the draw, and traps Aubrey in a rear naked headlock bodyscissor now. As Arianne loosened the hold, Aubrey managed to escape. She stood up and drags Arianne by her feet, then jumps in reverse. Quickly she facesits Arianne to make sure she would not escape now. Arianne struggles to break free, and is gasping for air with each tap. Aubrey then shakes her ass on her sister’s face saying ” eat my ass now bitch”, and continues to facesit her. Arianne manages to push Aubrey off, and as they roll, Arianne grabs Aubrey again by the hair lifting her to her feet saying “I have had enough of your @#$@$%”. With that, Arianne hoists Aubrey up again into another piledriver, slamming her to the mats. That piledriver really stunned Aubrey as Arianne positions herself on top in another schoolgirl pin over taking her little sister. Arianne dishes out some great forward and reverse facesitting, and even twerks and shakes her as in Aubreys face while in reverse. Arianne tries to do a reverse full weight, but Aubrey broke free as Arianne falls to the mats. Quickly Aubrey gets Arianne secured to the mats and applies another reverse facesit. Before Arianne even knew what was happening, Aubrey had a reverse figure four locked on. Now Arianne was yelping in pain as Aubrey squeezed the life out of her, obviously upset now. Arianne was not going to have her little sister win, nor dominate anymore, and with all her strength, she rolls Aubrey onto her back, causing her to release the scissor. That was it for Aubrey as Arianne guides Aubrey to her feet by her hair. Arianne lifts Aubrey into the piledriver, but Aubrey clamped her legs around Arianne’s neck squeezing her. she had pinched a nerve in Arianne’s neck somehow as Arianne falls to the mats. Aubrey then lines herself up and puts on the Carmella’s code of silence hold on Arianne to finish her off. It was almost instant that Arianne was tapping out and submitting the match from the pain in her neck. Aubrey releases the hold, as Arianne falls to the mats and Aubrey flexes her mighty biceps saying “i’m the winner” leaving Arianne wallowing in pain on the mats. An amazing comeback for a rookie pro style fighter. 


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